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9302 N. Meridian Street, Suite 170 Indianapolis, IN 46260

Do You Have Any of These Signs or Symptoms?

  • Headaches
  • Double Vision
  • Print Appears To Move
  • Loses Place Easily When Reading
  • Quality of Work Declines Over Time
  • Omits or Substitutes Small Words
  • Trouble Copying From Board
  • Avoids Close Work
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Difficulty Completing Work
  • Skips Or Repeats Lines with Reading
  • Writes Uphill or Downhill
  • Misaligns Columns or Digits
  • Holds Book Too Close To Face
  • Frequent Blinking/ Rubbing Eyes
  • Head Tilt/ Closes An Eye
  • Avoids Sports or Games
  • Clumsy/ Accident Prone

If So Contact Us for an Evaluation and See if Vision Therapy is Right for You!