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9302 N. Meridian Street, Suite 170 Indianapolis, IN 46260

www.covd.org – certifying body for development optometrists

www.oepf.org – great source for downloading brochures on behavioral vision care

www.aoa.org – American Optometric Association website

www.nora.cc – Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association

www.neuroskills.com – good discussion on brain trauma and vision

www.collegeofsyntonicoptometry.com – discussion of colored light therapy and autonomic nervous system re-balancing.

www.devdelay.org – good resource for various treatments for special needs child

www.accommotrac.com – biofeedback instrument website for vision improvement

www.ioa.org – Indiana Optometric Association

www.dyslex.org – website for dyslexia determination test and discussion of dyslexia

www.pavevision.org – parents’ group promoting better awareness of vision and learning

www.upledger.com – information about craniosacral therapy

www.eyelights.com – therapeutic device.